Must have accessories for Next-Gen consoles

Must have accessories for Next-Gen consoles

ps4 and xbox one

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release is just around the corner, but a shiny new console is nothing without some shiny new accessories to go with it...

Whether you are getting the PS4, Xbox One, or maybe both I think we can agree that accessories will be a must. So here is a list put together to guide you in the right direction. I have divided the list into sections for each console so you can read the list that pertains to your system.

PlayStation 4 Accessories:

ps4 accessories

This may be an obvious one but an extra controller will be a must if you plan on gaming with your friends.

The PDP Charging Station offers you quick charging in-between gaming sessions and of course it is sleek and stylish. You won't be ashamed to sit this right next to your PlayStation 4. My favorite thing about this charging station is the LED lights that change when the controller is finished charging.

The PlayStation 4 camera will bring your gaming to the next level. Hang on, this is much more than just a camera though. Navigational commands via your voice and facial recognition are just a few of the convenient features. You will definitely want to try to fit this into your budget if your getting the PS4.

Xbox One Accessories:

xbox one accessories

This wireless controller bundle will save you money in the long run. This controller bundle comes with a rechargeable battery and fully charges in under 4 hours. If you were to buy the Play and Charge kit separate it would cost you $10 more.

These may be a little on the costly side, but if you can afford these headphones they will be well worth the price tag. Turtle beach is known for their great quality gaming headsets. You will feel fully immersed when gaming with this headset on. You can also engage with your friends via the mic.

If you plan on using a headset for your Xbox One gaming then you will want to be able to set them on a nice stand. This is a nice and relatively cheap stand that will work with any headset. It isn't necessary by any means, but if your paying over $100 for a headset then it would be nice to be able to keep them in a safe place.



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