The Amazing SpiderMan: Ultimate Edition Swinging to the PS Vita

The Amazing SpiderMan: Ultimate Edition Swinging to the PS Vita

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Some PlayStation Vita users have been asking for a SpiderMan and it looks like it's finally happening...

Best Buy has recently listed The Amazing SpiderMan: Ultimate Edition for the PS Vita. Here is the summary listed below in the description:

Swoop into the role of The Amazing Spider-Man and get a first-hand look into the grim and gritty NYC streets. Huge and dangerous villains are always plotting, and you must test your bravery and skill. Shoot webs, scale buildings and perform unimaginable acrobatic feats while executing real-time navigational and combat decisions to defeat your mortal enemies. Reveal additional challenges, including the Stan Lee Adventure PackLizard Rampage PackRhino Challenge, and Oscorp Search and Destroy with The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Bundle Pack. Grab your PlayStation Vita, put on your mask and get ready for a fast-flying, web-slinging, heart-pounding adventure. Are your spidey senses tingling yet?

It has a release date listed as 11/19/13. I've had a couple people ask if this title would include free roaming and It sure looks like it will be including free roam. "Swing, flip, shoot, fly and freely roam around New York City as The Amazing Spider-Man." The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition was released on the Wii U not too long ago and now the PS Vita is getting some love.

Are any of you guys excited about this?

[Source: Best Buy]



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  • Christian

    Awesome news, practically confirmed, will probably be officially announced at NYCC.

    • Austin Harris

      That would be my best bet. I will definitely pick up on this one.