Black Knight Sword Review

Black Knight Sword Review

Another platformer hits consoles, but does it live up to the many great platformers already out there? Or is it just a big flop? Read the full review to find out...

Right from the get-go, you can see the very unique art-style implemented into the games visuals, which really makes this game stand out from other platformers in the graphics department. Artistic visuals are one of the few upsides of the game, it all gets worse from here.

Black Knight Sword is set as a puppet show, around a big stage in front of a fake audience. You play as a human who is first found to be hanging, you get him out of that situation and re-emerge with the armor of the 'Black Knight', with the help of a spirit. The concept of playing as a Knight is great, but when the stage effects come into play - It takes up about 30% of the screen, making it even harder to see what's around the corner (I know, it's a 2d platformer... how the hell can there be a corner. You know what I mean, though).

Black Knight Sword has narration attached to it as you progress through the levels, which the narration is top-notch, and all you would expect from a stage-set fairy-tale play.

The real problem with Black Knight Sword is how unbalanced the difficulty is between Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy is just to Easy, Normal is Hard, and Hard is insane. There never seems to be a right difficulty setting which is just not to easy, but not to tough. There is also lots of cheap deaths which you will experience whilst playing the game, which doesn't help at all when you have a limited amount of lives before having to restart the level. So, if your not that good when it comes to 2D platformers, I advice you to set the Difficulty to easy - Because you will only smash your controller and console with the amount of times you will be dying when it's set onto the two higher difficulties.

As you progress through the story, the environments around you will change, making the game less repetitive than some other 2D platformers out there in terms of level design.

The story itself is pretty weak, and doesn't do a whole lot to make you become interested into how the story is going to play out. Not to spoil anything, but the ending isn't exactly great either.

When progressing through each stage, you may trip into the odd 'boss battle' or two. While these boss battles can prove to be a bit of a challenge on the higher difficulties, the computer AI is so bad that it creates many ways for you to kill the bosses with just standing in one place using the same move/power over and over again.

If you are low on health, or need more lives, there are many shops which you will come by (Usually at the end/start of a stage) in the game to buy upgrades, more lives and to increase your maximum health with the hearts that you have collected from killing enemies.

Throughout completing each level, you will be granted with a new type of ability as your Knight grows stronger. New powers are great! But the only gripe I have is that the game doesn't encourage you to use them, which can make you completely forget you have obtained such a power. Once you have obtained a new power, your sword will change color.

If your the one who loves to be a perfectionist when it comes to completing games, then you better watch out - As they're collectibles which you can obtain throughout each of the levels. Some requiring you to sacrifice health in order to acquire them.



Black Knight Sword features some delicious visuals, but it falls short with terrible gameplay design and a lack of inspiration when it comes to the story.  There are so many other 2D platformers out there which does just about everything this game has to offer, and does it better. Is this game worth an investment? I would say no.


+ Inspiring artistic visuals

+ Narration is top-notch

-  Mediocre story

- Huge contrast in difficulty

- Gameplay feels stale


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