Most Desired Console to Own Right Now?

Most Desired Console to Own Right Now?

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This may surprise some of us but according to a poll, the PlayStation Vita is the most desired console to own in Japan. So how well did the other consoles rank?...

The results of this survey shows that 64 percent said they were looking to purchase a PlayStation Vita in 2013. The Nintendo 3DS came very close, 48 percent said they were desiring the 3DS.

Considering that the Vita has not done very well in Japan, may explain these results. Since most of the people probably do not own the Vita, then of course they would be looking forward to picking it up. I still find it great that the majority of the people are looking forward to getting the Vita.

The full list of results can be found below:

  1. PS Vita - 64%
  2. 3DS - 48%
  3. Wii U - 34%
  4. PS3 - 25%
  5. PC - 14%
  6. Xbox 360 - 11%
  7. Smartphone - 10%
  8. PSP - 10%
  9. Wii - 9%
  10. iPad - 7%
  11. DSi / DSiXL - 5%
  12. iPhone - 5%
  13. iPod Touch - 4%
  14. Other - 2%

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  • Pace

    they want it but I bet you they are just waiting for a price decrease till they actually buy it.

    • Austin Harris

      That is probably true. I’m sure if the Vita got a Monster Hunter they would be more eager to purchase it.