Fifa 14 Review PS Vita

Fifa 14 Review PS Vita

Fifa 14 review

Whether you prefer to call it soccer or football, Fifa 14 on the PS Vita gives you quality gameplay in the palm of your hands...

Fifa 14 on the PS Vita has been labeled as the "Legacy Edition." A lot of people have been asking about this label and wanted to know more. Fifa 14 PS vita has been labeled under "Legacy Edition" because of the fact that it brings no gamplay changes from the last installment, Fifa 13. This is simply a roster update to put it simply. That being said, I'm going to be honest with you guys admiting that I have never owned a Fifa title in my life. I have specifically never played a Fifa title on the PS Vita, so my review will be coming from the perspective of a new player.

Fifa has been bringing gamers the latest soccer games for years upon years. I have enjoyed playing sports games all my life, but soccer was never a sport that I got into. Upon turning on Fifa 14 for the first time, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I couldn't tell you the names of 3 soccer players even if I wanted to. That all changed very quickly.

fifa 14 vita

Fifa 14 is very easy to jump right into. When the game starts up, you are prompted by some short yet very helpful hints and tutorials. I always felt like Fifa looked so complex but this put my mind at ease. I was able to jump right into a full blown game with no issues at all, I even won.

Controls and the use of the touch screen work very fluently. PS Vita players have the power to pass the ball with the swift flick of the finger and even score a goal with a carefully timed tap. Maybe your not a fan of touch input, well luckily you can disable that in the options. I personally disabled the rear touch pad because I couldn't rest my fingers on the back of the screen. I still managed to make great use of the front touch screen.

Lack of camera angles will be no problem here. I had plenty of options to choose from in order to find the angle that worked best for me.

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I can honestly say that I did not come across any glitches whatsoever. It did slow down on me at some points when the screen was full of the players celebrating after a game, but it was not a big issue. Everything else ran smoothly for me during actual gameplay which made it an enjoyable experience. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is unnecessary lag.

On the topic of lag, it was nowhere to be seen in online play. There was only one game where I experienced lag online and the guy ended up leaving so it was most likely an issue on his end. There was an issue with me finding a game to join a couple of times, but I'm sure it will pick up as new players jump on the boat.

Graphically, the game could use some touch ups. Don't get me wrong Fifa 14 looks great but I just felt like it could be stepped up a notch. Sports games should have a higher standard graphically considering they are aiming to be as realistic as possible. I want to be so immersed in a sports game that I forget I'm playing a game.

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Fifa 14 seemed to lack some unique game modes that I've come to love in sports games. Fifa 14 does offer you tournaments and career modes, but I couldn't help but expect more. Fifa's career modes are great fun. Whether you want to play as the big honcho or the humble rookie, career mode has you covered. I thoroughly enjoyed trying out each of these modes and they gave the game great depth. Still, I did not find those unique game modes I needed to put the icing on my cake. The console releases of Fifa 14 got some unique new features for career mode and I felt like those should have been squeezed in.

If you like me are a sucker for customizing and building up your own superstar player then you will be pleased. After you go through and customize your superstar look alike, you have the ability to draft him to your favorite team. As you score goals and complete skillful passes with your player you will enhance his abilities. Personally I found this to be very addictive.

There isn't a whole lot to complain about on my part. As a guy who doesn't enjoy soccer, Fifa sure did pull me in. I won't be putting down Fifa 14 for quite some time by the looks of it. For Fifa 13 players I can see how Fifa 14 may not appeal to you. Besides the latest roster updates, you aren't missing much. If you are like me and have yet to own a Fifa title on your PS Vita then I would highly suggest you pick up Fifa 14. Players that enjoy sports games will surely not want to pass up on this, even if you aren't a big fan of soccer.

Fifa 13 owners may have no reason to upgrade, how can you blame them, but if you are new to the PS Vita series and you are contemplating your decision I would highly suggest purchasing Fifa 14.

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Review was completed using a Review Copy from EA Sports.



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  • KuchikiSentou

    Wow, that is an outstanding score.
    For a game that came out in 2012.

    • Losyak

      2010, actually, since FIFA14 = FIFA13 = FIFA SOCCER = FIFA 11

      • Austin Harris

        A lot of people are upset about the lack of a fresh title. Honestly, I will be too if FIFA 15 is the same way. Until that happens though I can’t complain.

    • Austin Harris

      Well I personally can’t complain since I didn’t play the game back in 2012. A new player coming to the series has nothing to complain about honestly. Yes, it could use some features from the console versions. At the same time though the gameplay has very few issues.

      • KuchikiSentou

        Can’t fault that… Gameplay is flawless, but incredibly outdated.
        They could have at least changed up the UI though.
        What am I saying, the in-match UI for next-gen is the same; all they changed was the font.

  • Anthony Porto

    This game is incredibly scripted. EA controls too many in-game aspects, purposely misplacing passes, disabling controls, making balls bounce off your players. Anyone who has played this game enough will back this up and this alone makes the game suck. This is why paid reviews are the only good reviews of fifa 14.