Let’s Fish, Hooked On Review!

Let's Fish, Hooked On Review!

lets fish, hooked on

Let's Fish! Hooked On brings a very unique title to the PlayStation Vita's list of games. Let's Fish! Hooked On is unlike any other game I have played before. It brings together anime and fishing into one very unique title. So we know this game is unique, but will this game have you hooked?...

Let's Fish! Hooked On is a very simple minded game. It is a fishing game, so of course your main goal through the game is to catch fish. I myself live in Florida and I go fishing quite a bit, but I will admit I was a little hesitant at playing this game. I'm not the biggest fan of anime style games, and I have never been a big fan of fishing games. That surely didn't stop me from having a good time with Let's Fish! Hooked On.

When you first start playing you will probably start out with the tutorial, or at least you should. I personally felt like the tutorial wasn't much help. The tutorial tells you the basics of how to catch fish and such, but then it doesn't get any deeper. I felt like it could have been more informative and helpful. Either way, I eventually ended up figuring things out.

There are basically two game modes for you to enjoy. These are World Tour mode and Challenge mode. There is also a training mode and an underwater view. World Tour mode is just like going through a huge fishing tournament. Challenge mode has you completing fishing challenges throughout several different environments. I personally enjoyed playing challenge mode the most. Challenges vary from catching a certain amount of fish within a time limit, to things like catching a certain weight of fish.

lets fish hooked on

When I first started out, I was frustrated and annoyed at trying to figure out how to catch these fish. After playing for a bit I began to learn which lures are the best to use. Choosing the right lure is one of the most important things. You will also begin unlocking more lures to use as you go further through challenge mode. After I learned all of this, I kept wanting to come back for more. Something about the joy of catching these fish had me hooked. The gameplay itself is very enjoyable. Now catching all these fish may feel repetitive for some people, but Let's Fish! Hooked On does a good job at mixing things up.

To catch all these fish, you can actually use touch screen controls. Some games make the touch controls feel very gimmicky or even forced, but I felt like the touch screen options were done nicely. It isn't forced at all, and it feels very comfortable. I actually found myself using the touch screen more than I used the buttons. It almost felt like I had more control that way.

lets fish hooked on

Despite the fun gameplay, I had some issues while playing. There were many times where the fish would glitch in and out. I even had my lure completely disappear for a bit. There was one sad time where a fish shot out of the water like a firework, it never came back down.. My hat is off to that brave young fish! Other than these few minor issues, I had no other problems.

I felt like the graphics could have been much better for a PS Vita title, but I wouldn't consider them bad. They did a good job focusing on the gameplay, and that is one of the most important things in my opinion. If you are looking for stellar graphics though, then you may be disappointed here.

lets fish hooked on

So who is this game geared towards? Honestly, if you think Let's Fish! Hooked On looks appealing at all, then bite the bait and get hooked on! If you like fishing games, then this is for you. Even if you don't like fishing games, you should enjoy this title. Let's Fish! Hooked On brings a very unique title that has very solid enjoyable gameplay. It just needs some minor bug fixes and a few graphical improvements.

+ Great gameplay that leaves you wanting more

+ A very unique title that works great on the PS Vita

- Tutorial is lacking and could do more to help you start out

- Some bug and graphical issues

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A big thanks to Wired Productions for providing us with a review copy of Let's Fish! Hooked On!



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