GameBlinx | PS3 Game Awards 2012

GameBlinx | PS3 Game Awards 2012


It's this time of year (Maybe a little bit late, but still!), where we look back at all the sensational games that we've played thought 2012. We have had games which have inspired us, games which have changed our minds on a certain genre, and much more! May I present to you, GameBlinx's PS3 Game Awards 2012...


Best PS3 Racing Game Of 2012:







Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Most wanted not only makes free-roam racers fun again, it also gives us a new take on the need for speed series with its unique open-world.


Best PS3 Action-Adventure Game Of 2012: 

Far Cry 3 - A game like Far Cry 3 shows us just how fun action-adventure games are supposed to be with an awesome open-world, vehicles to drive, ability to hunt and kill bear's, boar's and  even deer's for their skins to be able to craft items such as bigger wallets, bigger rucksacks and more.


Best PS3 Sports Game Of 2012:

SSX (2012) - SSX is back, and it is back with a bang. SSX shows you how realistic snowboarding can be on a console!


Best PS3 Indie Game Of 2012:

Journey - Journey is one of them games which leaves us in utter awe upon completion. This game is not only a different perspective on gaming, it's also a stepping stone which will inspire developers for the future.


PS3 Game Of The Year 2012:

The Walking Dead: Season One (Episodes 1-5) - The walking dead delivers an epic story, in which you will find yourself getting emotionally attached to the characters as you play through. At the end of the season, you will only be begging for more.


Best Upcoming PS3 Game Of 2013:

Grand Theft Auto V - Rockstar's masterpiece franchise is coming back to consoles, and boy, does this look like one hell of the game! With RockstarGames claiming that the map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption and all the other Grand Theft Auto titles combined, it looks like we have one hell of a game on our hands come 2013.


All game awards are based on opinion. No public vote or anything of the sort were involved in the award selection process. 





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