Knytt Underground Review

Knytt Underground Review

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Knytt Underground is a brand new title that has made it's way to the PSN store for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Knytt Underground brings very fluent gameplay to the table and offers over 1,800 rooms to explore. So is Knytt Underground worth owning?...

Knytt Underground was created by the well known indie developer Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas) and was published by Ripstone. You can only purchase this title digitally via PSN. Knytt Underground can be yours for the very affordable price of $14.99/£9.99. This title does support the cross buy deal which means you will get both the PS Vita and PS3 version of this game with one purchase.

Knytt Underground gives you an amazing amount of freedom. You have tons of rooms to explore and no two rooms are the same. Some rooms will have little puzzles and obstacles to go through, while others will just require some well timed jumps. You have a handful of ways and abilities to help you get through rooms, and this is well needed at times. Some of these abilities will allow you to jump over gaps, climb up walls, and even bounce up to higher places.

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This game is separated into 3 different chapters, the first two chapters being sort of a starting place. I don't want to spoil the story of Knytt Underground, but I will tell you a little about it. In the first chapter you play as a character that is known as Mi. About right at the time that you get the hang of things, the chapter end and you start up chapter 2. In the second chapter you are now playing as a bouncing ball, you receive the wonderful name, Bob.  Just like chapter one, about right at the time that you get the hang of things the chapter comes to an end. It is a good thing the third chapter isn't anything like the first two! After these first two chapters end, the real adventure begins! Once you get into chapter 3, you have the ability to switch between the bouncy ball and Mi. This allows you the ability to jump to higher places and still be able to run and climb. There is so much to explore that it is almost overwhelming. You will put a great amount of time into this game just searching through rooms.

The gameplay for Knytt Underground is very solid, and at the same time it is very simple. Anyone could literally pickup the game and start playing. Controls work fluently and actions like jumping seems to flow so smoothly. Now the controls may work very well, but at times mistakes can be unforgiving. Several times I found myself accidentally missing a jump, and I would end up falling down several rooms, which proved time consuming to get back up where I was.

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Other than basic platforming and basic obstacles to get around, you will be working on quests. There are many different kinds of quests in this game with many different goals. Most of these quest will require you to search through rooms to find certain items. Most of the time, your map will give you hints on what rooms you should check. This is much needed considering how overwhelming it would be to search through hundreds of rooms for just one item.

The whole story throughout this game is very shallow. This meaning that it doesn't really get into a deep story. It's really just all about platforming, exploring, and collecting. Yes all of these things are fun and well utilized, but at the same time it would be nice to have a little more.

The artwork done in this game looks fairly good. The most prominent color is clearly black, but there are times where the background uses very vividly colored artwork. Everything in this game is designed in a very simple manner, but I feel like it fits the game style very well.

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The background music in this game is very settle and relaxing. At times you will forget that it is even there. It really goes along with the simple minded goal of this game. Sound effects also sound just like they should. I didn't come across any sound effect that annoyed me or anything of that nature. It all seamed to fit in so well, that I barely even noticed it.

Like I said, this game is very simple minded. There isn't any fancy skill levels or ability upgrades. At times it left me feeling like I wanted more. Yes, this game brings you way more rooms than you could take it at one time, but it would be nice to have some sort of power up system and perhaps more types of enemies. This game does a solid job as a basic platformer and explorer, just kind of wish it had more at times.

In conclusion, Knytt Underground does a great job at providing a basic platformer with a vast amount of exploring to be done. Though if you are not into exploring hundreds of rooms, then you may not enjoy this title. Artwork and sound is well utilized and adds to the simple minded experience. Knytt Underground is a great title for the gamers out there that love to pick up and play a simple game that has tons of content to explore. Yes this is a good game, but there is nothing here that makes this a great game.

+ Tons of freedom

+ Nearly endless amount of exploring to enjoy

+ Design and sound fit well

- May be a little too simple

- Very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the rooms

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  • Sir

    “Very easy to get overwhelmed with all the rooms”
    Sorry but why is that a negative point? How can content be a bad thing?
    “May be a little too simple”
    Niffla’s games always had a simple gameplay, it fits the exploration genre.
    Also I cant agree with you on the story part, seems like you rushed the game a little bit. The conversations in the game are wonderful and always different.

    • Austin Harris

      The negative point wasn’t that there was a lot of content, the point was that too much content all at one time can be overwhelming. Yes, I still do think the gameplay here may be a little too simple. There is nothing that keeps you coming back for more. The conversations you have in the game are mostly based on stuff that really has nothing to do with the story at all. I never said this game was bad, it is just a very simple minded game. Some people tend to not like games like this at all. Reviews are solely opinion based, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • moccolov

    mmmm i think it’s difficult to explane to people why Knytt games are better than mass effect in terms of story and plot indeed, but it is, it’s about the reeducation of immedesimation and immagination.