Labyrinth Legends Review

Labyrinth Legends Review


Labyrinth legends is a unique puzzle-platformer, arcade, adventure games. Labyrinth legends delivers so much variety that you simply cannot put it down under one category. However, is variety enough to cover the cost of this PSN game? Read more to find out...
The gameplay of Labyrinth Legends can only be described in one word. Unique. Never have I played a top-down platformer  featuring Labyrinth cartoon characters – and it’s great to finally have a game which has its own flavour on the genre. Of course, the formula is quite simple – collect as many stars as you can in the dungeon to unlock the next. As much as I like the concept of that, Labyrinth Legends does get a bit repetitive after time. Thankfully, there aren’t a ton of levels for you to complete.

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The graphics are not the greatest I’ve seen in a video game, but they do the job. The colours in this game are really crisp and are a true treat to the eyes. The cartoon styled dungeons brings me back to what I was previously saying – Little things like this make a PSN game like Labyrinth Legends so unique.

The music fits with the atmosphere perfectly. Despite being based around dungeons, this game is not supposed to be scary in any way, and the Joyful/happy music really does do a good job in proving that. The sound effects are also top-notch, delivering everything you would expect in such a great little game.

Once you complete a level, you will still need to get all the stars to unlock some of the very end ones. This is where the replayability aspect comes in. There may not be many levels, yes, but the amount of replayability you can get out of this game is quite incredible. Most of the levels are quite difficult, which means you probably will not be able to get all five of the stars on your first attempt. This results in the replayability aspect of the game being very useful, and rewarding. The nit-pick I would have about the replayability is that it can also be a bit repetitive, considering the objective (To obtain all the stars) never changes.

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The game does not really offer you all that much guidance either. When you are stuck, or desperately need to find that last star, the game does not offer you no hints to where it could be, which almost results in the game being to difficult depending on how skilled you are when playing top-down platformers.

All in all, Labyrinth legends is a good game. With a great variety of killing enemies, exploration and discovery labyrinth legends makes for a good top-down platformer. However, the game can sometimes feel repetitive as the objective never changes. Would I recommend you buy this game? Yes – If you are in to these sort of platformers, I definitely recommend you try Labyrinth Legends.

+ Having to perfect levels in order to complete everyone makes for great replayability

+ Music fits the theme and atmosphere

- Game can feel a bit too repetitive at times

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Big thanks to Creat Studios for providing us with a review copy for Labyrinth Legends!


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