Latest News on Killzone Mercenary for the Playstation Vita!

Latest News on Killzone Mercenary for the Playstation Vita!

killzone mercenary

Some brand new Killzone Mercenary information has been released from the latest issue of a Polish magazine known as PSX Extreme!...

Now obviously there is a big language barrier between the two of us, but others have been able to translate this latest news. According to PSX Extreme, Killzone Mercenary is using nearly the same engine that Killzone 3 is using on the PS3. Apparently this title also takes advantages of the touch screen features but without making the game feel gimmicky.

PSX Extreme has also made the bold statement that Killzone Mercenary is graphically looking better than Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which has been one of the most graphically impressing games so far on the Vita. It is also said the framerate is very stable, even when multiple things are going on. They even went as far as to call it a "portable Killzone 3."

We are expecting to hear more news about this title later this week.



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  • Pace

    I really do have high hopes for this game. A lot of these things I’m hearing sound to good to be true.

    • Austin Harris

      They have really been taking their time with this title, and I’m actually looking forward to how it will turn out!