Let’s Fish! Hooked On coming to the Vita next week!

Let's Fish! Hooked On coming to the Vita next week!

lets fish, hooked on

Let's Fish! Hooked on will be making it's way to the PlayStation Vita on January 29th in the U.S, and EU will get this title the day after on January 30th. So what is Let's Fish! Hooked On?...

Let's Fish! Hooked On brings a realistic fishing title with fast arcade style gameplay to the Vita. There are four different anime characters that you can play as. Each character has it's own story line, and even unique abilities. You will improve your skills by competing through all sorts of tournaments that vary in difficulty. This is just a stepping stone towards your goal of winning the World Tour.

This title takes full advantage of the Vita's touchscreen abilities. You will cast, hook, and real all sorts of fish throughout the game. You will even unlock new lures along the way.

With online leader boards, trophies to collect, and even a marvelous Platinum trophy to go after, you will be hooked on this title.

Don't think your hooked? Well you can enjoy this title for the reasonable price of $19.99. Here is the full price list for everyone: £14.99 / €19.99 / US $19.99 / AUD $24.95.

Will you be picking up this title?



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  • http://www.vgbetas.com/ Pace

    I kinda like fishing games, and this looks ok. I may pass until the price gets lower though.

    • http://gameblinx.com/ Austin Harris

      I honestly find the price very reasonable. I surely wouldn’t pay $39.99 for this title, but for $19.99 I don’t mind at all.