Life of Pixel Review!

Life of Pixel Review!

life of pixel

Life of Pixel takes you through some of the earlier times of gaming, but there are still things keeping this game from being pixel perfect...

So in Life of Pixel, you take the roll of a small green pixel who is known as..Pixel! You find yourself traveling through classic worlds based on all sorts of old systems. You can really tell what system your world is based on too, they did a great job in that aspect. I really enjoyed playing through the Game Boy and  Atari 2600 based levels. If you have played any of the old systems, then you will definitely enjoy the feeling of playing through those levels.

life of pixel

Just like all the old classic platformers, Life of Pixel is quite difficult at times. Through each of the levels, you must find several diamonds. Once you find all of the diamonds in a level, it will open the exit which will take you to the next level. There is also an additional collectible in each level. Most of them are too risky for me to even try to get. Now getting killed before successfully collecting all of the diamonds will restart the level for you. Sometimes you need to learn by trial and error in order to successfully complete a level. Now the difficulty overall wasn't too bad, but I still felt like some levels were very challenging. There are also many times where you have to jump over to the next screen, the only problem is you can't see what's on the next screen. This led to be jumping on top of enemies on the next screen which was quite annoying.

A classic looking game wouldn't be a classic without some classic sound effects and music! Life of Pixel did a great job on the musical side of things. All of the music and sound effects really fit the world and level.

life of pixel

The controls are very responsive and work very well. You are able to move and jump very precisely. This is very useful considering you really need it to dodge all of the hazardous objects including: spikes, enemies, and of course water. It is quite difficult at first, but it is still very enjoyable.

Life of Pixel is very simple minded which is great, but there are still things like the Gravity buttons which add some complexity. Gravity buttons basically turn things upside down, but these can also lead to you getting stuck or even trapped. Of course they added a very convenient restart button just in case.

life of pixel

Now the most annoying thing would have to be the cheap deaths due to bad camera angles. When you jump off the screen and land on an enemy that you couldn't see, it is quite annoying. I also found myself wanting something more from this title. Life of Pixel is missing that little thing that would make it a must have title.

Life of Pixel is a very enjoyable platformer in the end. Life of Pixel has great visual and audio effects, it really put me back and made me feel like I was really playing on a older system. Of course things like cheap deaths due to camera issues can really be an upset. Overall if you are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging classic platformer title, then this is a very solid choice for you.

+ Great music and visuals that take you back

+ Enjoyable platformer for an affordable price

+ Very simple minded and easy to pick up and play on the go

- Cheap deaths at times due to bad camera angles

- Lack of that something that makes it a must have

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A big thanks to Super Icon for providing us with a review copy for Life of Pixel



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  • Buckybuckster

    Wouldn’t have given this game a second look if not for your review Austin. It’s an interesting game, but the cheap deaths would probably spoil the experience for me. Great job on the review tho….. keep it up!