PlayStation Plus Update U.S!

PlayStation Plus Update U.S!

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The last update for the month of January will update on this Tuesday with the regular store update. So what's new with this PlayStation Plus update?...

PlayStation Vita owners should be happy with this update! Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PS Vita will be free for PS Plus users. There will also be a sale on the following titles:

Madden 13 (PS3): $29:39

Madden 13 (Vita): $19.59

Gatling Gears (PS3): $2.50

Section 8: Prejudice (PS3): $5.00

Greed Corp (PS3): $2.50

Not a bad PS Plus update if you ask me!



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    Whats the deal with the US blog only trickling out information? EU gets the whole game list of February.