Will the PlayStation Vita stay strong in 2013?

Will the PlayStation Vita stay strong in 2013?


There has been a lot of controversy about the PlayStation Vita lately. Some complain about the lack of big titles, while others are quite happy with all of the indie games the Vita has been getting. So what should we expect this year from the PlayStation Vita?...

The Vita is coming up to it's first full year in the U.S come February. Many keep complaining about to lack of titles throughout the year, but honestly there has been quite a wide range of games released. There have been around 50 physical copies of games released for the Vita so far. That's nearly an average of one new Vita game a week. That's not even counting the good handful of digital only releases.

A lot of people were anticipating some big unique titles for the Vita, but Sony has mostly been focusing on smaller indie titles. The Vita did get a good selection of bigger titles, but there were a lot more filler titles than some would have liked. In my opinion, some of the filler titles were very good and were well worth the purchase.

Big titles or not, what should we expect to see this year for the Vita? At the moment there is actually quite a big list of titles that are set to be released this year. Tearaway is one of the highest anticipated titles that will be making it's way to the Vita sometime in 2013. There are also games like Killzone, Dead or Alive 5+, and Sly Cooper that should be good titles. Will these games sell systems though? Well single games may not sell systems, but bringing more and more quality titles will surely help.

Rumors are rumors for a reason, but there are many rumored games that may be on their way to the Vita this year as well. One of those games being Bioshock: Infinite. There has been absolutely no confirmation about this, but there is a slight chance that it could happen. The Vita needs to see big games like this in 2013 if they want to stay on top of things. Sony has recently been focusing a lot with indie games for the Vita, but in order to keep the Vita strong there needs to be some bigger titles. I will say that 2013 does look promising at the moment, and in time we will all see how strong the Vita will stay this year.

How do you think the Vita will do in 2013? What do you think the Vita needs to bring this year in order to stay strong?



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    I highly enjoy the SEGA interest in Vita. For example the SEGA Heritage collection with titles such as the amazing Jet Set Radio. Along with (already released in Japan) Phantasy Star Online 2 which plays on the same servers as the PC. ^_^ If you’re a SEGA fan then the fact they have such an interest in the machine SHOULD sell it.