PlayStation Vita getting too many Tech Demos?

PlayStation Vita getting too many Tech Demos?


Many argue that the PlayStation Vita's lineup hasn't been very strong, while others think the Vita has had a great lineup so far. Now many are arguing that the PlayStation Vita has too many "Tech Demos!"...

The lineup hasn't been the best for the Vita so far, but I would say that it has been a strong start. There are plenty of games out there that everyone can enjoy. Many are now complaining that most of the Vita titles have been nothing but "Tech Demos."

Calling any game a "Tech Demo" is pretty harsh, unless it was made to be a tech demo. The biggest problem here is that most people don't know what the true definition of a tech demo is.

A Tech Demo is "A prototype, rough example or an otherwise incomplete version of a product, put together with the primary purpose of showcasing the idea, performance, method or the features of the product. They can be used as demonstrations to the investors, partners, journalists or even to potential customers in order to convince them of the viability of the chosen approach."

Some big words there, but it is usually either an unfinished game in order to test out or showcase a system. I would consider Little Deviants a tech demo. It showcased every single Vita function and ability. The game itself wasn't very in depth, it was just to show what the Vita can do. Many argue that Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified would fall under this category as well. The game does feel very incomplete, and you could say that it was a tech demo for a FPS shooter on the Vita. At the same time, the Vita doesn't need anymore tech demos. Developers can't afford to push out tech demos, and neither can the Vita. Look what happened to Nihilistic after Call of Duty: BOD was released. One of the big problems here is that the developers aren't making the games to look like tech demos on purpose. I believe it has to do with time issues.

There are a few Vita games that feel rushed, or maybe incomplete. I believe in quality over quantity. I rather have 10 good games than 30 bad ones. The Vita is still young and has good potential, I believe this year we will be seeing some promising titles coming our way.

Tech demos or not, I believe all of the titles throughout this first year have been testing out the Vita's power and capability. Developers are still making bigger and better things on the PS3, and look how long the PS3 scene has been alive. There is still plenty of room and power for the Vita to grow.

What do you think of the Vita's titles so far? Would you go as far as to call some of the titles "Tech Demos?"



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    You could’ve delved into the topic a bit deeper. I agree with what you said, though.
    CODBOD remotely classifies as a tech demo: it does not demonstrate the Vita’s features very well, from what I’ve heard.
    I think people’s main issue is that there are some games (which have a working formula or feel less good than what they could be because Vita features are forced in, such as the excessive amounts of touchscreen wiping and touchscreen use for melee combat in Uncharted, the ‘turn the Vita at a bright light’ and ‘pickpocket by using the back touchpad’ in Uncharted. But that does not make these games tech demos, at all, as you’ve pointed out correctly.