PlayStation Vita Travel Case Review

PlayStation Vita Travel Case Review


When it comes to protecting a device that you payed over $200 for, you want to make sure your getting something that will actually protect it...

Recently I ordered myself a brand new carry case for my PlayStation Vita off Amazon. The one I had previously just wasn't really all that great, I went for something cheap and I got what I paid for. So let me tell you about my brand new PS Vita case I ordered.


Well when it comes to a case the material is always important. I have to say I am very pleased with the material on this brand new case, it's soft but still firm if you know what I mean (That's what she said!). The inside of the case is soft and it would never damage your PlayStation Vita, and the outside is just hard enough to protect it if it were to fall.


Now if your looking for a case to carry your charger, and all of your games, and your great uncles teeth then this is not the case for you. This case does have 4 convenient spots for a couple of your games so you can enjoy them on the go. There is also some room if you needed to throw some small headphones in there or maybe even your charger USB chord. Other than that there really isn't much room, you don't want to try to force more in there than you need to. It is a perfect fit for your PlayStation Vita though so you don't have to worry about that.

playstation vita case


You know my last case I got was cheap and didn't last long, but this case feels much more durable so I don't think you will have any issues here.


It will always come down to your preference, and I will never know what you prefer so I won't even try. I will say though, if you are looking for a lightweight, convenient, and durable travel case to carry your Vita in while on the go I would highly suggest picking up this case. You can't beat the price tag and you will wish you had it when you need to carry your Vita around.

You can order this case online over at Amazon: CTA Digital PS Vita Travel EVA Protective Case



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