Did Rockstar make a bad move not making GTA V a PS4 title?

Did Rockstar make a bad move not making GTA V a PS4 title?


Arguably one of the biggest titles is set to hit PS3 and Xbox 360 in september, but with the PS4 coming out late this year, this leaves people thinking if bringing GTA V out on the PS3 is a smart move.

GTA V comes out just 2-3 months before the PS4 is set to release in the states. These are the three reasons which could possibly make GTA V a worthwhile wait if it was to be released on next gen consoles.


Graphics: With the PS4 having much superior specs to the PS3, GTA V would look out of this world if it was to be released on the PS4. Releasing GTA V on the PS4 will show just how good the PS4's graphics can be, in the early stage of its life cycle.


Community: No doubt, when the PS4 arrives, the most of the PS3 community will migrate within a space of the year, leaving the PS3 with a small community and the PS4 with a big one, especially in the long term. If Rockstar are to benefit heavily from the game, they need to release it on the PS4 so the game fits for the long term.


Sales: This is similar to the point above, except its about financial benefits. Not whats good for the community, but whats good for Rockstar, and how to maximize their profit from GTA V sales. If rockstar release it on just the PS3 console, the sales will be booming in the first month or two, but once the PS4 comes out, sales will start to decrease drastically as everyone will be buying the PS4 and all its cool games.


The perfect scenario for Rockstar is to release the game on both platforms, current gen and next gen. Graphical tweaks to the next gen versions would have to be made, but the benefits financially and for the GTA community will be great.

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  • Buckybuckster

    Great article with some good points Joshua! I think that it really depends on which party we are talking about. I’m sure Sony would have killed to have the game launch with the PS4. What better game to help push people into picking up one? GTA is a system seller for sure.

    However, if you are Rockstar, of course it’s all about recouping development costs and making a truckload of money. It’s going to be awhile before the 4 will have a user base as large as the 3, if ever. Larger established user base equals more sales equals more money.

    If I were somehow involved in the decision making process at Rockstar, I personally would push for the game for both systems. But if it can only be one of the two, the PS3 would be the system to have it on. The sales potential for the game is just greater on that system.

    • Lawking10

      I agree with everything that you said. Some great points which people also need to take into consideration, including other companies beyond Rockstar. Thanks for the comment :)

    • disqus_2tRBY8cENi

      if i was rockstar i would wait for the fanbase of the new x box and ps4 to build up until i put out a new gta out because why would i spend millions of dollars to release a game on a system that might bomb

      • disqus_2tRBY8cENi

        and i know ps4 and x box 360 did well but a lot of people are bitching about the new playstation because of all the bs sony is doing so who knows how that system is going to do

        • disqus_2tRBY8cENi

          i would bring up the new x box but i know nothing about it

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.w.pastrana Edward Wayne F. Pastrana

    Rockstar has a better move…we all know gta v will come to next gen hardware in the couple of months after they release yet..and yeah they Gould release first for current gen to ear more money and after they should improve there graphics for the pc and next gen hardware too

    • disqus_2tRBY8cENi

      how do you know what rockstar is going to do do you work for them or something maybe they will decide to wait until part 6 to put it on the next gen system and put something else on the ps4 instead

    • TheJeebus

      I agree. Of course it’ll come out for PS4, why on earth wouldn’t it? That way they can sell the game twice to a lot of people.

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  • RardLifeGamerPs3

    there is no way ppl will get to ps4 that fast.. as i know all my friends alot of theme said they wont buy ps4. ps3 will still active.. if GTAV gets released on PS4 it will probably lost money.. rockstar isnt that stupid.

  • SunnySkyNL

    If I have a choice, I would buy GTA5 on the PS4 without a doubt. I will be getting a PS4 at launch so I won’t be enjoying GTA5 for very long considering that I will mostly playing my PS4 and not wanting to go back. If they put GTA5 on the PS4 with minor differences like 1080p and 60fps, that would be enough for me to be happy, if they can give me more, sure all is welcome. Bringing it only to the PS3 and Xbox360 would be a huge mistake considering a GTA game only comes out every 5 years or so.

  • batsu

    All I can say about the article is …gee, really? You could have copy and pasted this from an article 9 years ago talking about any game released on both ps2 and ps3, or XBox and XBox 360.

  • http://www.youtube.com/1KillaSkrilla1 ? KillaSkrilla International ?

    I hope they release another version for PS4. With slightly better graphics and maybe something exclusive…I will get it for 360 no doubt, wont be able to wait. But im definitely copping the PS4 when it comes out too. And if they release GTA im copping that one to… Gotta have it! :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/1KillaSkrilla1 ? KillaSkrilla International ?

    Just like they did with the Godfather game… They released it for Xbox360 too with improved graphics. That was a awesome game as well and i had both versions,PS2 & Xbox360…

  • Stacyjames

    I love this. Great points concluded in this post. Sell video games