Skylanders SWAP Force Announced by Activision!

Skylanders SWAP Force Announced by Activision!

skylanders SWAP force

Activision has just revealed the newest entry to the Skylanders series! It will be known as Skylanders SWAP Force...

Coming to a game system near you...Skylanders SWAP Force! Woooo! So what is it?! Well many of you by now have played or at least seen Skylanders Giants. Skylanders SWAP Force is basically a sequel to the series. Skylanders SWAP Force will feature 250 new character combinations. It is scheduled to release sometime this fall. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and  Wii U are all getting HD versions, while the Wii and the 3DS will get separate versions.

Here is a teaser trailer for you to enjoy!

[ Source: My Nintendo News ]



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  • Pace

    My kids will cry for it and my wallet cries back.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      Haha, couldn’t help but laugh! Though no doubt we’ll hear hide nor hair of a PS Vita version…

  • Silent Angel

    You can finally jump! My nephew’s gotten the past two games and I mean some of the little dudes look pretty cool. Not being able to jump, as silly as it sounds, always kept me from actually playing with him for more than a little while. Hope these new guys look pretty cool, pretty sure my nephew will be wanting this one too.