Soul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita coming April 30th!

Soul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita coming April 30th!

soul sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice for the PS Vita will hit the shelf's and the PlayStation Network on April 30th! We also got some box art and Pre-order bonuses!...

Any fans of Soul Sacrifice out there? Well if so, then your going to want to pre-order this title. Fans who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will get some exclusive bonuses! You will receive:

  • Two unique costumes for players to customize their character with
  • Three magic items to assist players in battle
  • Spirits’ Flamepike – Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits, unleashing a five hit combo attack with heat effects
  • Spirits’ Blightstone – Explosive stones with poison effects provided by the spirits
  • Spirits’ Fulgurwood – Root provided by the Thunder spirits. Tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell
soul sacrifice outfits

Look at these hot pre-order outfits!

Pre-ordering will also give you the Japanese voice over pack for free! They have also released the box art for Soul Sacrifice.

soul sacrifice box art

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the title!

[ Source: PSBlog ]



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  • Pace

    I must say those preorder outfits look pretty lame. the guys wizard hat is 5 sizes to small and it looks like DJ aphrodite over there is about to take over the mushroom kingdom. I’ll be pre-ordering this game but not for the outfits.