Infographic: PS4 vs the Xbox One

Infographic: PS4 vs the Xbox One

The PS4 and Xbox One release is just around the corner. So here is a comparison of the two wrapped up in a neatly designed infographic. Which system will come out on top?


Xbox One vs PS4: The Big Showdown! infographic

Both the PS4 and Xbox One do have their advantages, and in the end it comes down to preference. Let us know which system you will be getting in the comments. 

[Source: Xpango]



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  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    i feel that PS4 wins in the controller category.

    and also the online gaming category should be a draw, plus all the entertainment services on the PS4 are not behind a paywall unlike the xbox one

    • Austin Harris

      I personally definitely prefer the PS4 controller over the Xbox One controller. Of course something about the Xbox 360 controller just never clicked for me.

    • Pace

      I got a good try on both controllers at E3. Both were improved and both were comfortable. The PS3 one stood out the most as fitting into my hands better and the shoulder buttons were separated as well.

  • gamer Ned

    Controller Should be Draw- All Preference. Also most reports say the Dualshock 4 is the Superior Controller. Link below

    Online- PSN PS+ destroys Xbox LIve also PS4′s multimedia services are not behind a paywall unlike the xbox one!!!!!!

    Motion Controller- While the Kinect 2 is Superior- It is Also More Expensive!!! THe PS eye retails for $60 the Kinect $100

    • Austin Harris

      All very good points.